Over 60 leagues play weekly at Butler's, and they encompass many different types of groups (men, women, workplaces, churches, neighborhoods, couples, seniors, beginners). A benefit to playing in a league at Butler’s is the ability to rotate between each of the four 9’s on a weekly basis. Some league players are colleagues from work, neighbors, former golf lesson students, and some are all men, all women, juniors, and all couples. Some leagues are highly competitive and organized, while others simply use the time to gather, golf, and socialize. We have morning and evening leagues, and most play 9 holes (some play 18 holes).

Are you hoping to join a league?
Many leagues are seeking new members, and we do have openings for new leagues, so please call us if you are interested in playing in a league. We have a list of leagues looking for members, including several new beginners' leagues.  Simply let us know your name, phone number, email and days and times that fit your schedule and we will do our best to meet your needs!

We're looking for new leagues!
If you would like to start your own new league, we will be glad to help you get started.  Let us know your name, the name of your proposed league, along with a phone number, email and days and times that fit your league’s schedule.  We will do our best to accommodate your request. 

Golf League Schedule

Click Here for the 2019 League Schedule
Click Here for the 2019 Mon-Thurs Rotation
Click Here for the 2019 Friday Rotation

League times are reserved for each week during the season, from the starting date (specified by the league president) through the Friday prior to Labor Day. Please tell us if you'll miss a week (for example, if you have an away outing).

Openings: Many leagues are looking for a few new members, and we have openings for new leagues. Call 412.751.9121 for details.

Holiday Policy: Standing league times are scheduled weekly EXCEPT for holidays and holiday weekends (Good Friday through Easter Sunday, Memorial Day 3-day weekend, July 4, Labor Day 3-day weekend). We'd love to see our leagues play, but historically they do not. Any league members can make tee times an extra two days in advance (10 days) for these holidays, though the rotation schedule does not apply.