Do you sometimes look at your home lawn and wonder how to help it look better? If you like to do it yourself or if you want to evaluate lawn services, these tips are for you!

We compiled these free tips after talking to hundreds of customers over the years about their lawns and seeing lots of notes on napkins. Please note that all tasks listed are optional (there is no need to try to eradicate weeds if they don't bother you), and we can never guarantee a "perfect" lawn (golf courses aren't perfect, either).

If you have a question, please feel free to call us at 412.751.4222. This information is based on Western Pennsylvania's conditions, so if you live elsewhere, you might check with a local expert (golf superintendent, equipment supplier, county agent, university, etc.). Enjoy!

Additional Resources
Penn State's College of Ag Sciences, publish pamphlets such as "Choosing a Qualified Pest Management or Lawn Care Company (click here). Visit their website for more information.
Click here for complete lawn care tips.